Gift & Loyalty Card Program A gift card program allows your customers to load and redeem value on a plastic card. This value can be redeemed for goods or services at the location and makes the perfect gift. Gift card programs boost sales year round, but especially impact businesses around gift-giving holidays. A customer using a gift card is likely to spend 50% more than the value of the card. Quantum powers gift card programs for thousands of businesses and provides the reports businesses need to track purchases and liability. Small businesses face unique challenges, but their need to build customer loyalty is the same as any large business. Quantum’s loyalty card software is created specifically for small businesses. Quantum's loyalty card program does not require a costly POS integration while providing all the benefits of an integrated loyalty card rewards program. With simple set up and structured loyalty rewards programs that incorporate loyalty marketing, Quantum loyalty and rewards card program is an easy-to-manage solution for any business.

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